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Barclays announces closure plans for 14 more banks this year

Barclays is set to close 14 more banks over the coming months it has been revealed today.
The major high street bank will close 11 of its sites in England a further two in Wales and one in Scotland.
The majority of the closures will happen in October – with the rest shutting their doors in November and December.
Banks in Cardiff, Salford, Norwich and Dumfries are among those affected.
The bank has already announced more than 60 closures this year, following in the footsteps of several other major companies, including NatWest, Lloyds Banking Group and Halifax.
It comes as high street banks shift further to banking online and through apps.
The latest number of closures comes after the London-based banking firm announced it would be shutting at least 142 branches over the next two years.
Similarly, Lloyds announced it would be closing at least 84 banks by 2024, while NatWest said it had scheduled 14- closures.
Halifax will also close 47 branches while Santander will close five. Bank of Scotland said it will close 21 branches while RBS will shut four.
The closures have been deemed controversial by some who argue that many, particularly the elderly, still rely on in-person services and that closures will make it more difficult for those people to access financial services.
People should still be able to carry out basic banking tasks through local Post Office’s – but this does not include opening new bank accounts, taking out loans or mortgages.
Most banks will also offer mobile banking services where a bank brings a bus to a local area and provides services that are usually available at a branch.
The Barclays Bank to be closed are:
Chapel Street, Easingwold – 13/10/23
24 Market Place, Thirsk – 25/10/23 23
Yorkersgate, Malton – 19/10/23
The Twyn, Caerphilly – 13/10/23
42 Wellfield Road, Roath Park, Cardiff – 20/10/23
16 High Street North, Dunstable – 13/10/23
2 Market Square, Leighton Buzzard – 18/10/23
Unit 33, Arcades Shopping Centre, Ashton-under-Lyne – 13/10/23
Unit 2 Blue, Media City UK, Salford – 20/10/23
Station Road, Hoveton, Norwich – 01/12/23
3 St James Court, Whitefriars, Norwich – 27/10/23
3 Castle Street, Dumfries – 13/10/23
28 Station Road, Cuffley, Potters Bar – 13/10/23
51 High Street, Hoddesdon – 17/11/23
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Barclays announces closure plans for 14 more banks this year