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ChatGPT overtakes Netflix in web traffic

The digital landscape continues to evolve, mainly driven by the ceaseless march of technological innovation. Amid this ever-shifting landscape, ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) language model developed by OpenAI, has risen to prominence, outshining some of the most dominant players in the online ecosystem.
In particular, data acquired by Finbold indicates that between June 2023 and August 2023, ChatGPT recorded an estimated average of 1.51 billion monthly website visits to its official website The figure places ChatGPT in the ninth position overall among the top ten selected major websites by visits. The AI platform is ahead of the streaming giant Netflix, which registered 1.49 billion trips during the same period.
Meanwhile,, the Alphabet owned search engine, continues to dominate the digital arena with a staggering 85.41 billion visits. Following closely behind is YouTube, with 33.56 billion visits. Facebook, a product of Meta, secures the third position overall with 17.2 billion visits, while Instagram occupies the fourth spot at 6.68 billion. X (formerly Twitter) holds steady with 6.48 billion visits. Notable entities also include e-commerce giant Amazon, which garnered 2.46 billion visits, securing the eighth position in the rankings.
Behind ChatGPT’s rise
ChatGPT’s website visits place the platform among the fastest-growing entities on the internet, considering it less than a year since its launch. Indeed, OpenAI launched the tool at a point when other established traditional players held back due to the uncertainty associated with interactive AI platforms, such as the potential harm it could cause, like spreading misinformation or hate speech.
What distinguishes ChatGPT and positions it for success against established traditional players is its remarkable ability to deliver personalized and diverse content recommendations, answer inquiries, provide comprehensive explanations, and even aid in creative endeavors such as writing, coding, and idea generation.
Its wide-reaching availability across many websites has transformed it into an indispensable companion for internet users in pursuit of instant and pertinent information. It has seamlessly woven itself into the very fabric of the digital world, making appearances on websites, chatbots, applications, and even customer service portals.
ChatGPT’s user-friendly design, which allows interactions as simple as typing a message, appeals to users of all ages and technical proficiencies. This intuitive interface has significantly contributed to the surge in website traffic.
Behind ChatGPT’s rapid rise is also a robust, continuous learning and improvement system. OpenAI’s substantial investments in refining the model, mitigating biases, and expanding its knowledge base ensure that ChatGPT remains current, precise, and dependable.
The underlying design of ChatGPT has placed it to surpass a platform such as Netflix. The streaming service, known for its vast library of movies and TV shows, has long been synonymous with online entertainment. While Netflix specializes in delivering scripted entertainment, ChatGPT appeals to a broader spectrum of users, from students seeking assistance with homework to professionals in need of quick information and inspiration. It’s this ubiquity and adaptability that have allowed ChatGPT to surpass Netflix in website visits.
Dealing with competition
As ChatGPT continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, we will likely witness a profound shift in how we interact with digital technology. The competition between AI models like ChatGPT and traditional content providers like Netflix may drive innovation in both sectors, benefiting consumers by providing more choices and tailored experiences. In this line, some traditional players in the digital space, such as Google, joined the race to incorporate AI into their system by launching the Bard platform. Indeed, such products are likely to expand the dominance of Google at the top of the digital landscape.
However, ChatGPT is countering this rising competition with consistent improvement. The improvement is highlighted by the recent upgrades that saw the platform introduce new features, such as removing the knowledge limit cut-off and the ability to browse the web. In the meantime, the industry will watch the planned AI tool that Tesla CEO Elon Musk developed to rival ChatGPT.
What the future holds
ChatGPT has ignited the race to incorporate AI; its impact is felt across various domains. Numerous companies strive to enhance AI’s capabilities by generating video music and developing detection tools to screen artificially generated content. Most individuals will probably encounter this emerging technology in the near future. The demand has been highlighted by a previous Finbold report that indicated that demand for AI spiked about 500% in 12 months as of August.
Overall, ChatGPT’s meteoric rise in website visitors is a testament to its transformative potential in AI. The success highlights our insatiable appetite for smart, accessible, and versatile AI solutions in an increasingly digital world.
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ChatGPT overtakes Netflix in web traffic