Just under 5,000 ‘festive filers’ submitted their tax return on Christmas Day – AbellMoney

Just under 5,000 ‘festive filers’ submitted their tax return on Ch …

Nearly 4,800 ‘festive filers’ filled out their tax returns on Christmas Day, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
While others were opening gifts, tucking into turkey, and falling comatose on the sofa, 4,757 people submitted a self-assessment tax return, ahead of the 31 January deadline.
HMRC also recorded 8,876 returns submitted on Christmas Eve and 12,136 on Boxing Day.
The peak time was between noon and 12.59pm on Boxing Day when HMRC received 1,121 returns.
Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s director general for customer services, said: “Our Christmas Day filers proved that there is no time like the present to get started on self-assessment, and with our online tool it can be a simple task that’s easy to fit around other festive commitments.
“There’s no need to delay, getting it done ahead of the January 31 deadline means less stress and longer to work out payment options. Get started today by searching ‘self-assessment’ on gov.uk.”
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Christmas Day also appeared to be the ideal day for 3,000 people to register to vote.
A total of 3,273 applications were submitted on 25 December this year, with 3,218 online and 55 on paper forms, government figures show.
The majority (62%) were from people aged 34 and under, while just 3% came from those aged 65 and over.
The number is up by nearly 1,000 compared with Christmas Day 2022, when 2,313 people made an application.
Local elections are taking place across much of England on 2 May, along with high-profile mayoral contests in areas including London, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, plus elections for police commissioners in most of England and Wales.
There is also going to be a by-election to choose a new MP in Wellingborough, although an exact date has yet to be confirmed.
And there is also likely to be a general election, with one due to take place no later than 28 January 2025.
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Just under 5,000 ‘festive filers’ submitted their tax return on Christmas Day