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Secrets of Success: Samantha Sloan, Founder and Director, 123 People D …

In the realm of professional development, few things hold as much promise as real, tangible growth. Samantha Sloan, Founder and Director of 123 People Development explains why the secrets behind lasting transformation is paramount and the core ethos and driving force behind her business.
 What sets your company apart?
Our unique selling proposition (USP) lies in our coaching programme, which not only instills a profound shift in mindset and behaviours but also ensures that this transformation endures over time. Through meticulous psychometrics, we chart a course towards sustainable learning, focusing not merely on tasks or processes, but on the individual themselves. Moreover, our Learning Management System (LMS) fosters reflective learning and practice, solidifying newfound knowledge. It’s a true investment in both time and money.
How do you address the primary concerns of your clients?
Our mission is to make learning stick. Unlike superficial training exercises, we deliver real change that resonates long after the workshop doors close. By challenging entrenched beliefs and fostering autonomy, we disrupt conventional thinking, nurturing both personal growth and enhanced performance.
What prompted the inception of your business?
Initially, my desire for greater flexibility led me away from the corporate sphere. However, as our business flourished, it became apparent that we were making a tangible impact on workshop participants. We have a knack for unlocking latent potential, that untapped essence within each individual.
Can you outline your brand values?
Our values underpin everything we do:
Growth: Nurturing confidence in performance through an understanding of behaviors.
Rejuvenation: Embracing dynamic thinking as the key to reinvention.
Passion: Fostering a relentless pursuit of improvement.
Empowerment: Unleashing the potential within to cultivate a culture of growth.
Does your ethos guide your decision-making?
Absolutely. Our mission, to leave things, especially people, better than we found them, serves as our compass.
How crucial is team culture to your operations?
Team culture is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. Our collective skills and shared vision shape our approach, fostering effective communication and alignment with our values.
How do you express appreciation to your team?
Sometimes, a simple thank you suffices. Acknowledging their contributions and recognising their positive impact goes a long way.
Do you communicate directly with your consumers?
We strive for clarity and simplicity in our messaging, ensuring our consumers grasp our offerings effortlessly.
Regarding economic challenges, how do you handle pricing?
Despite rising overheads, we’ve maintained our price points, prioritising value for our clients. Virtual training costs remain consistent, reflecting our commitment to accessibility.
How frequently do you assess performance metrics?
After each workshop, we meticulously analyse data to gauge personal growth and mindset shifts—a crucial aspect of our continuous improvement strategy.
Is technology integral to your operations?
Technology enhances our efficiency and effectiveness, enabling seamless workshop delivery and optimising the learning experience.
What’s your perspective on competition?
Healthy competition fuels innovation and growth, keeping the industry dynamic and evolving.
Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Embrace hard work, maintain a thirst for knowledge, and stay true to your vision. Clarity of purpose is key.
How do you unwind amidst the pressures of leadership?
Aviation is my sanctuary. Whether it’s watching planes or attending airshows, it’s where I find solace and inspiration.
Do you prefer short-term or long-term planning?
We typically operate on a 6-12 month planning horizon, balancing agility with strategic foresight.
What’s your eco-strategy?
Partnering with Blue Marble allows us to offset carbon emissions—a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship.
 What are your goals for the next year?
Introducing new courses, expanding our professional network of coaches, and providing further training opportunities are top priorities on our agenda.
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