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UK Businesses Struggle to Keep Pace with Cyber Threats, warns Microsof …

The UK are better prepared for cyber attacks than they were a few years ago, according to Microsoft’s UK security boss. However, a larger majority of UK businesses are still vulnerable to threats.
Paul Kelly, who looks after security for Microsoft in the UK, said “We’re in a better position than five years earlier,” and warns that the UK gets attacked a lot online, especially compared to other countries in Europe.
Dr. Chris Brauer, the Innovation Director at Goldsmiths, disclosed that 39 per cent of UK organisations face significant risks. These are attributed to factors such as a substantial skills gap, a lack of leadership involvement, and insufficient investment in research, development, and technology.
The report underscored that those businesses leveraging AI-powered cybersecurity, which complements human expertise, demonstrate twice the resilience against cyberattacks.
It is estimated that integrating AI into cyber defence measures could result in annual savings of £52 billion for the UK. Nonetheless, merely about 43 per cent of businesses have allocated resources for cybersecurity incidents.
Andy Ward, VP International for Absolute Software, commented: “In an era where cyber threats evolve faster than businesses can adapt, the UK’s strides in cybersecurity are commendable, yet the vulnerability of most businesses serves as an urgent call for action. It’s not just about setting up defences, but adopting a culture of resilience that integrates cybersecurity as a fundamental part of business strategy.”
“As cyber threats in the UK become more frequent, our shared goal is to enhance cybersecurity by protecting against threats, deterring attacks, and preparing defences, all while ensuring clear visibility and control over networks. To tackle cybersecurity hurdles, it’s essential to implement a resilient framework that boosts oversight and control of the network, establishing a robust cyber defence stance.”
Oseloka Obiora, CTO at RiverSafe “There is a large importance of having network visibility in order to strengthen cybersecurity resilience. While there is acknowledgement towards strides made in the UK’s cyber defence, the general lack of preparedness among most businesses remains a pressing concern. With robust network visibility, IT teams can swiftly detect and address vulnerabilities, ultimately minimising the impact of cyber threats and avoiding potential disruptions, particularly in complex or dispersed systems.”
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UK Businesses Struggle to Keep Pace with Cyber Threats, warns Microsoft