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Next Tube Strikes: Dates and Affected Lines Revealed

London Underground drivers, represented by the Aslef union, are set to stage two 24-hour strikes, exacerbating commuter woes across the capital.
Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming walkouts:
When will the strikes take place?
Aslef members will embark on industrial action on the following dates:
– Monday, April 8
– Saturday, May 4
These strikes come after an overwhelming 98% of Aslef drivers voted in favour of the walkouts, citing concerns over changes to terms and conditions.
Which lines will be affected?
The strikes are expected to disrupt services across most of the London Underground network, with drivers participating in industrial action. However, the Elizabeth Line will continue operating as usual, as its drivers are represented by the TSSA union. London Overground and the Docklands Light Railway are also anticipated to run normally, albeit with potentially heightened congestion due to disrupted Tube services.
Why is Aslef going on strike?
Finn Brennan, Aslef’s Tube organiser, criticised Transport for London (TfL) for allegedly failing to provide assurances against imposing changes to terms and conditions without agreement. Brennan highlighted concerns regarding proposed longer shifts for drivers, increased time spent in the cab, and the removal of existing working agreements in the name of flexibility and efficiency.
What has Transport for London said?
In response to the strike announcement, Transport for London called for dialogue with union leaders to avert the industrial action. TfL asserted its commitment to modernising procedures while ensuring the safety and well-being of both staff and customers. The spokesperson emphasised that no changes would be imposed unilaterally and reiterated the organisation’s dedication to maintaining safety standards on the Tube network.
As the strike dates approach, commuters are advised to plan alternative routes and modes of transport to mitigate disruptions.
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Next Tube Strikes: Dates and Affected Lines Revealed