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New Designers Shine at JCA London Fashion Academy Showcase

Today marks a significant milestone in the careers of four emerging designers as they debut their collections at the prestigious JCA London Fashion Academy’s Undergraduate show.
Held at the Boston Manor House campus, the event promises to be a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and mental health awareness in fashion.
TAYLA-LILY by Tayla Brace introduces a genderless streetwear brand that explores mental health themes through oversized silhouettes and comfort-focused designs. Brace’s collection draws inspiration from the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, reflecting its haunting beauty and the poignant narratives associated with it. “The Aokigahara Forest is shrouded in darkness, but I saw the beauty in the forest itself. I resonated with its complexity and wanted to honour it,” said Brace. Her collection features unique elements like ribbon details and marionette-inspired eyelets, all meticulously crafted using traditional Japanese ink drawing methods.
REELL by Jazzy Newnham brings a performance-oriented menswear collection that melds heritage fabrics, music, and fishing. Newnham’s designs emphasize comfort, inclusivity, and sustainability, using upcycled materials and Harris Tweed®. “Reflecting back on nostalgic memories is something everyone can relate to. This collection means a lot to me because I have reinvented a family hobby, fishing, into the world of fashion,” Newnham shared. The collection, supported by Harris Tweed®, features functional and stylish pieces like tweed tracksuit bottoms and a mantal crafted from fishing bivvies.
ALLANDRÉ by Andreea Pirlog showcases bespoke luxury garments and accessories, with a strong focus on authenticity, quality, and ethical sustainability. Pirlog’s debut collection integrates Japanese pattern-making techniques with Western tailoring, using luxurious materials such as Italian nappa leather and French silk organza. “My inaugural collection is dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness, particularly targeting individuals in the fashion industry,” Pirlog emphasized. Her collection features intricate designs and unique digital prints, with sponsorship from Pineider enhancing the accessory line with premium leather.
Demi O’Shea by Demi Colton O’Shea presents a forward-thinking brand specializing in bespoke fashion and accessories with 3D printing innovation. O’Shea’s collection prioritizes sustainability and ethical crafting, using biodegradable materials and offering personalized services. “Demi O’Shea offers ethical, bespoke fashion with 3D printing innovation, elevating style sustainably,” O’Shea explained. The collection blends vibrant hues and premium fabrics, showcasing the potential of 3D printing in creating timeless and eco-friendly fashion pieces.
Each designer brings a unique perspective to the JCA London Fashion Academy showcase, highlighting the institution’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. As Professor Jimmy Choo’s mentorship continues to inspire these young creatives, the future of fashion looks promising, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, mental health awareness, and ethical practices.
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New Designers Shine at JCA London Fashion Academy Showcase